Leviticus 18:19

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Re: Leviticus 18:19

Postby Petros » Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:50 am


The tradition of Hillel / Shammai debates on such topics clearly continues.
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Re: Leviticus 18:19

Postby Bare_Truth » Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:16 pm

Petros wrote:The tradition of Hillel / Shammai debates on such topics clearly continues.
Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe only partially.

Did Shammai ever come around to what Hillel's position was or vice-versa, or were they even trying to. I think that the discussion here has more of a sense of trying to figure out what the scripture says, so that we can align with it, and if we cannot resolve it accurately to still tolerate one another's viewpoint as at least being "supportable even if "unproven". My entry into the matter was based on my own reading of the translations available to me which cause me to believe that the rabbinical (read Pharisaical) position is not supported but rather counter indicated even if not proven. This viewpoint would be bolstered by two strongly attested characteristics of the Pharisees.
1.-- The Pharisees were prone to read more stringency into the law in order to make sure that they "hedged it about" with onerous restrictions so that those who heeded them would not even get close to infringing the law, thereby making the law into an insufferable burden.
2.-- The Pharisees were prone to misogyny as is born out by the famous line used in prayer by men " God I thank you that you did not make me a woman" et al. Hence, women being absolutely necessary to the society they tended to be treated as a "necessary evil" and burdened even more.

So if my surmise is correct then the Pharisaical interpretation of the relevant verses in Leviticus 15 would likely to be interpreted to favor more impurity/uncleanness of women that would have to be avoided in accordance to their inclination to hedge about the law.

Now don't get me wrong, As I often have said, If I had lived at the time of Christ as a Jew in Palestine, I would likely have been a Pharisee. The zeal with which they approached religion and religious law, even caused Christ to remark about their zeal (however misguided it was) when he said
Quoting Jesus in chapter 5, Matthew wrote: 20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.
The Pharisees were zealous after a fashion, except it was subverted by a belief that they could earn their way into salvation with their self righteousness and effort to precisely comply with the law. Whereas the Saducees (decendents of the priestly line of Zadok) sort of thought that they could appeal to their exalted genealogy. (Or so my research has indicated.) Given my (innate/learned) inclination for attention to detail, one can see the basis of concern that in the environment of the start of the Christian era, how the Pharisaic approach would have drawn me, (not that attention to detail is necessarily a bad thing, it served well while designing nuclear reactors :wink: ). (Worthy of note here is the definition of a perfectionist that says "A pefectionist is someone who takes great pains, ..................... and gives them to everyone else :!: :!:" :roll: " (Any amens or thumbs up, to the last statement will be taken as applying to that statement as a general truth and not construed as personal.)
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