Praise, Nothin But Praise!

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Praise, Nothin But Praise!

Postby Crafty Mom » Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:37 am

On Nov. 29th (the day after our 26th wedding anniversary) we got a call from the mortgage company [aka OOMC].
We get to keep the house :!: PTL!

Our original monthly payments were $1,100 Principal & Insurance only.
New payments are $1,392 with Principal, Interest, Taxes, & Insurance - Starting Jan. 1, 2008!

All back payments, fees, etc. are added into the loan!

Thanks for all the prayers & support during this past year!

We still need prayers for steady & adequate income to meet all our earthly responsibilities.
Crafty Mom
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Crafty Mom
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Postby jochanaan » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:36 pm

That's wonderful, CM! :D

Lord God our Provider, please continue to rain Your blessings on our brother and sister Crafty Mom and Desert Hiker, so that they may have shelter and all the other things You have promised to add to those who seek You first. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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Postby SteveNTL » Tue Dec 04, 2007 10:18 pm

I am so pleased at your good news! Thanks for sharing.

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Postby blue eyes » Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:10 am

Good to hear. It's awesome how God takes care of us. :D
blue eyes
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Postby bn2bnude » Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:02 am

That is great to hear! God is providing!
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Postby Strandloper » Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:04 pm

Hi, CM –
it’s a pity about the increased payments, but praise the Lord that you get to keep the house.
God moves in mysterious ways.
For many years I was a member of a union which was very effective not only in confronting our employers for better pay and working conditions, but also in opposing the apartheid government.
Sadly it went into a decline a few years back and was outmanoeuvred by the employers, who removed their recognition of it.
Since it was no longer recognised, it had no further purpose, and it was resolved (about three years back, I think) that it be dissolved and its funds (quite substantial) be distributed among the members.
The money came through at the weekend, and will be of great help to us.
Praise the Lord!
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