Remarkable answer to prayer - Godly mothers

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Remarkable answer to prayer - Godly mothers

Postby jimmy » Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:08 pm

It was 43 years ago when I was in the Navy stationed on a nuclear submarine. My mother had gone to bed, but was unable to fall asleep, and as was her custom she decided to pray for those she knew were in need. She prayed for this person and that and finally prayed for me and my shipmates safety. She was immediately able to fall asleep and did so. Later, when I was home on leave, she asked me if I and my shipmates were in any danger on my last voyage. At first I answered no but then remembered the following incident:

My job was running the electronic counter measures equipment (ECM). The routine at sea was 4 hours on watch, 4 hours on work detail, 4 hours off duty, and so on. This incident happened during one of my sleep cycles. When I woke up I returned to watch duty and found the control room in a greatly excited state. During the past 6 hours we had been detected by enemy aircraft. The drill goes like this. The ECM operator says "Con ECM lock on lock on!" This means a radar has locked onto one or more of our masts we had up just above the surface. The officer of the watch respondes "CON Aye. Take her deep, set your depth at xxxx, steer course 000, flank speed!" The Chief of the Watch repeats the commands which instructs the helmsman, bow & stern plainsmen to execute the course and depth orders and Engineering responds with the speed change. We were near the ice pack, the ocean was less that 1000 feet deep so our only hope was to slip under the ice pack to avoid being forced to the surface. The surface vessels were almost on top of us, could out run us, and knew right where we were. Their sonar pings were so loud it was a wonder I didn't wake up. All of a sudden the surface vessels started going in circles, a maneuver used when contact has been lost, we continued at flank speed and escaped under the ice pack.

When my mother and I compared date and time of her prays we were astonished to realize the timing of her prayer for our safety didn't just match the date but matched the time of day, and not just the time but the very minute contact was lost!! The prayers of a Godly mother avails much!!!

Praise the Lord !!


PS I didn't have to learn to speak Russian
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Postby jochanaan » Sun Dec 09, 2007 2:06 pm

That's great, Jimmy! I've often heard of mothers' extra senses, and this is just another example. Of course, God could have heard her prayer at any time and answered when you needed it, but it's fun to see things working out this precisely. :D
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