I Hope This Will Bless You Too!

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I Hope This Will Bless You Too!

Postby Crafty Mom » Tue May 23, 2006 4:33 pm

Here's a true story of what our church did with the surplus Easter Baskets we had passed out on Easter Sunday. Our original goal was 125 but were blessed with 168!

Tuesday after Easter my daughters & I went to pick-up the remaining baskets [I'm guessing there were 30-40] with the Associate Pastor - Rick's help. Even though we had pretty well covered & secured them in the back of our truck, a small part of the tarp managed to pop out enough to make me stop & tuck it back in. This happened twice.

We took 6 baskets into the waiting room and managed to give those out before we could even talk to a hospital staff member!

We even gave one out in the parking lot to a little girl that was there waiting for her grandpa who had broken his arm. Her mom was glad because now her daughter had something to keep her busy while they waited. Later while handing out more baskets in the waiting room the little girl came up to me & asked me for a hug to say thanks!

One gentleman came up to us; said that he didn't get to spend Easter with his kids because it was his ex-wife's turn for visitation that weekend. He didn't even have enough money to get anything for them for Easter when they came home. Also one of his kids was having a birthday later this month and wondered if it would be possible to have more than one? I told him take as many as he needed!

One lady mentioned that she knows of a lot folks with kids near Palm Springs she sometimes visits, that would really appreciate the baskets. And if I'd like she'd deliver the rest for us. Upon further conversation with her we discovered that she frequents Calvary Chapel - Joshua Springs [located in Yucca Valley] When she found out that our church [in Joshua Tree] is also a part of the C.C. network she mentioned that maybe she should start going there instead!

After a couple more trips to the truck we finally were able to talk to someone about taking them to any children that were admitted earlier. There was only one child who was there because she had her appendix removed the night before. As it turns out we knew the patient as one of the kids at our school bus stop! On our way back to the parking lot we left a few at the nurses station, just in case any more were admitted later on.

On our way out once again the gentleman who missed Easter with his kids approached me, shook my hand, thanked us with genuine gladness in his heart & eyes.

On the way home we all felt so blessed to be a part of making someone happy, & doing the LORD's work at the same time!
Crafty Mom
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Postby Jon-Marc » Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:15 pm

It takes so little effort to show the love to God.
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Postby LivingFree » Sun Jun 04, 2006 5:08 pm


That is such a wonderful, touching story of the true love of Jesus. It is a modern day example of giving a drink of water to a thirsty traveler :!:

BTW, I took a look at your website yesterday. My, what a gift you have. Creations from your own heart and hands, crafted with love in the Master's service. I feel so blessed to get to know people like you. May the Lord truly bless you richly, as you share your gifts with others, and impart that spirit of genuine love and blessing to your two lovely daughters.

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