On the other hand...

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On the other hand...

Postby Petros » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:47 am

For the first hand, see my prayer request below. But balance is important.

Yesterday morning, we awoke. Herself tells me, we got no hot water. I go down cellar, note a wet floor and a steady stream of water coming out the bottom of the water heater.

I shut off the water valve, press the off button, and go upstairs.

Not much cause for praise so far? well, keep listening.

I hit the phone directory and pick a place pretty much at random.

I hit a pleasant, sympathetc receptionist who puts me through to a pleasant, competent guy -who turns out to know ourplace, they put in the [very wfficiently working] water heater in the mother in law house next door.

He quotes me a price, so when can they come - just a minute - ah - they had a cancellation this morning - and they are out here at work within the hour.

Pleasant, efficient, by about noon they were gone and we had hot water.

There is some praiseworthy content there.

But wait.

We say to one another, oy, we just put in that heater a few years back - going to need to try to do the warranty thing, what a hassle.

Herself has been sorting our less than organized files. I had brought her in another carton from cold dorage that morning. So she is shufflig papers - calls me over - today of all days, she just happens to find the original receipt for the defunct heater - which we put in not "just a couple years ago" but in January of 2000. How time flies.

So, no warranty hassles, the whole thing as painless as possible [I can think of MUCH worse times and ways for a water heater to fail], and the nice timing of finding the recipt to remind us that God is orchestrating this stuff.

And all of that I praise.
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Re: On the other hand...

Postby jjsledge » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:17 am

When I buy a new product I place the receipt in a plastic sandwich bag and tape it to the backside of the new product. Make sure the printing is folded in so light does not degrade the ink.

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