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Postby LivingFree » Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:59 pm

New Year’s Day is about history. We had a wonderful time yesterday in our house church. Tom had an appointment for dialysis in the morning, so they didn’t come until 5:00 PM. We ate baked chicken with dressing, and then had worship. It was a combination Sunday worship and Watch Night Service. It lasted 2 ½ hours. The sermon / Bible study was from Matt. 12:33-37, with the theme of “What’s in your heart?”Jesus taught that our words reveal what’s in our heart, and that’s what makes a person clean or unclean. It’s also by our words that we’ll be judged at the end of time. Then I used Philippians 4:4-6 as a responsive worship reading, and used that to meditate on what should be in our hearts: a spirit of rejoicing and gentleness, a willingness to give all our troubles over to God through prayer and thanksgiving, and a decision to dwell only on the positive aspects of life.

In our sharing time we all answered the question: Based on this scripture, how is God calling you to move into the new year? Janice and I both said we were putting the troubles and trials of the past year behind us, and were going to seek the positive things in life God would bring our way. Esther talked about developing a more positive attitude, and mentioned how she had asked her family for forgiveness for certain things in her life. Tom said he was looking forward to simplifying his life, which included transitioning to being an empty nester.

Then we sat around and talked until midnight, napped, and watched part of a football game. Jan made New Year’s cookies – using the Russian recipe of our ancestry. It was a really good time. I hope your day was good, also.

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Postby LivingFree » Tue Feb 06, 2007 9:54 pm

Last Sunday we signed a charter membership covenant. There were four of us -- Tom, Esther, Janice, and me. It followed a Bible study on "What is the church?" It started with the great confession of Peter, "You are the Christ." Then came Jesus' first encounter with the disciples after the resurrection, during which he gave them the Holy Spirit (John 20). Then Acts 2:38, Peter's call to repentance followed by baptism and God's gift of His Spirit.

But characteristic of this little church, Ben interrupted the sermon by stopping by with his former girl friend to pick up the family car. So we all just chatted a bit. Ben has promised to be in church next Sunday, so pray for him. Nicki says she will come, too. She also comes from an abusive family, as Destiny does. Esther thinks this may become a church for the "next generation" -- the group of 20-somethings that regularly drift through their home. We pray that may be true.

Postby jochanaan » Wed Feb 07, 2007 2:02 am

Sounds like you're "going places." :) I pray that Ben and Nicki might come to know Jesus in a transforming way.
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Postby LivingFree » Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:51 pm

Ben and Nicki are no longer "going together." But my wife had a conversation with Destiny yesterday, and she said "We'll be in church Sunday. I miss you guys." (She was referring to Tommy.) She is slowly moving out of paganism, but Tom is impatient with how slow it is. He still thinks she's not far enough along for Tommy, and they are starting to look for their own house. Yes, long before marriage. Talk about a mission field!


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