what was that:

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what was that:

Postby Bare_Truth » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:44 pm

With apologies to Tweety Bird the canary and Sylvester the cat......
I taut I taw a...WHAT! ! !

At missouri state University, they are putting on, during the end of the year events, a performance of the Lion King musical on stage. To increase ticket sales, they are running on local TV stations, a commercial showing some of the dancing scenes from the presentation with elaborate costumes and complex coreography .

I have found some of the coreography and music to be impressive, and it is puzzling how the scenes are put together. I went looking for the commercial on line and found it at: https://www.hammonshall.com/ . It was seriously blurry and trying to get the same video straight from You Tube seemed even worse. and trying to watch it in full screen mode made it even worse.

However, my primary goal was trying to make sense of what I was seeing in the leaping gazelle scene was met. Each dancer wore a Gazelle head, neck, and forelegs on each arm and a Gazelle head and neck on their head. Theyburst on to the stage all at once, making great high ballet leaps, so that with just a few dancers moving rather quickly it looked very much like a leaping herd of Gazelles ! As i watched more of the dancing scenes, I noticed another one that looked intreaguing and I actived my screen shot software and took a screen shot of it. When I then examined this still image much as I had the leaping gazelles, and after utilizing the image shaprening feature of the Gimp photo-image shaprening of the screen shot software, twice, I realized that the dancers seemed to being wearing mostly just body paint. And as much as I could discerne, since the image appeared to have been diliberately blurred, I got the impression that the costumes were anatomically correct, but maybe more for a human than the animal depicted! I could not get the blur out of the image enough to be certain, however.

So If anyone has better image capture software I would be curious to get a more definitive evaluation. I am just curious if this is another case of Broadway-artistic-nudity Or just bad blurry image capture?

So what was that???
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Re: what was that:

Postby Petros » Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:05 am

Beyond my vision or equipment, I fear. Interesting if true - and IF you are correct I doubt that it will go unmentioned by reviewers.
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Re: what was that:

Postby Lionheart » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:00 pm

I had the privilege of seeing this production in person in Dallas this past summer with the same company you saw advertised. It is a wonderful production and very well done. It is also a family friendly show. A few times during the production I wondered the same as you, but was able to study it more accurately in person. All the dancers are very fit as you can see. I can assure you though that there was no actual nudity is so much as there was fabric covering the groin in all cases. Bare legs and chests for the males were common. Some costumes were skin tight and perfectly form fitting to the point that one would wonder if it was mere makeup over bare skin. As you might imagine, this left little to the imagination regarding the position and endowment of several. They were clearly comfortable with this fact and it presented a body positive view for the producers and dancers, but was technically clothed. No one in my extended family thought enough about it to mention it. It is possible that on some of the animals there were tails or hair placement to make them more anatomically accurate, but we would need to see individual photos of the costume designs for verification.

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