My Faith

Are you Christian? Any other faith? No faith? Tell us just a bit about the role "faith" plays in your life. Don't seek to evangelize here. This is a "story-telling" forum. All submissions are equally valued if given in a positive spirit. New Comers please post here.


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My Faith

Postby rinlw » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:55 am

If it were 20 yrs ago, I think my faith journey would have been considered "typical" for a guy a growing up in the South. I was raised in a typical South Florida community by parents who were relatively normal. We attended a Methodist church and I was involved with all the youth activities. I went to college and got involved with the Wesley Foundation doing mission work on holidays and breaks. It was about that time that I realized that my life would not probably be all that "typical" in nature. I spent three weeks in HI working with a wonderful group of people that lived "off the grid" (even back then before the internet!!) was then that I realized that we were more then our denominations of Faith. I realized that there was alot of beauty in all of God's creatures in their natural form and regardless of color, denomination, race, orientation, or any other difference that we were all mad in His image. I struggled with that concept of acceptance for years and still do today to a degree. My life was moving along wonderfully for many years...moving up professionally, had a nice home, wonderful friends and just about the time I said "I am good" .... God said, "Yeah, but I am about to test your Faith again!" He put a wonderful 8 yr old in a my life that would eventually become my son. This kid had more damage done to him in his first 6 yrs of life then most of us will ever have. In Florida, there is only a 15% chance of a single male adopting another male child (but surprisingly they will let a single male adopt a female child with little thought!!) but God opened the way and my son came to live with me at age 8. We have struggled the way all Dads and sons struggle but we have also learned to trust in our faith in God and in each other. He is amazing and has completely changed from the boy he was. He is 15 now and an amazing young man. God is good and I give thanks that He put my son in my life (and faith) journey. So now we take our journey one day at a time.....and I try to be the best Dad I can be while also maintaining my own identity. That is something I am trying to teach my son now that we will always be a family unit but we are also individuals and must plot our own paths with His help.
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Re: My Faith

Postby Kiltedhiker » Sat Feb 15, 2014 12:04 pm

Wow. What a great story. When we allow God to direct us, it will always work out. After all, it IS His plan...
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Re: My Faith

Postby Petros » Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:26 am

I cannot but believe that out of that you have more stories than this board has electrons for.
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Re: My Faith

Postby JimShedd112 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:37 am

Thanks for sharing, Bob. What a great success your family is.

Jim Shedd
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Re: My Faith

Postby Richardetnp77 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:33 pm

Thanks for opening up and sharing. May your walk of Faith continue and develop more blessing as it goes.
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