a worthwhile struggle

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a worthwhile struggle

Postby christianhopeful » Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:28 pm

As I continue to submit messages and testimonies here, let me say something about my personal journey in Christ. I first became a Christian when I was 14 years old. I had no interest in religion at the time because to me it was all BORING. No action, nothing about having fun, just strict adherence to religious dogma and too much emotionalism. That was not for me. Then one night when I was living in a housing project in East Trinidad, my mom Invited these church folk to come and bless our new home. They were from a church called Church of God of Prophecy. They held a wonderful prayer meeting that night but I was very uncomfortable. The emotionalism of the night really bothered me and I was glad it was over. Little did I know that that night in particular, GOD put his plan in motion for my life. After the prayer meeting, a young man saw me and invited me to their youth group meeting. I reluctantly agreed only because I wanted him to leave me alone. I was not in the least bit interested in visiting. Like I said, religion was boring for me at the time. Well, I may have tried to getaway from God, but God did not leave me alone. For months (about 3 to be exact), these "Christians" relentlessly kept cominy to my home, praying for me, encouraging me to give my life to the Lord, and persisted in inviting me to their services. I relented only because it got them off my back. I still had no interest in God, religion, or anything that was not fun for me. Fun being watching TV whole night into the morning. Stimulating myself whenever I wanted to ( no kidding there),& just lying down listening to secular pop music on the radio. That was fun for me. But I give God all the glory that he did not give up on me and sent the right set of people who never gave up on me either. It was after a few weeks of going to church, listening to sermons and engaging in the religion thing, I decided that this is not for me, its too sad and emotional and chose to no longer go back to their services. I decided this is NOT for me and went back to my worldly life. Then oneSaturday evening while at home, the same young man( his name was Brian Beckles, son of the pastor of the branch of COGOP), came to visit to check IP on me and see how I was doing . After he spoke with me that night about how much God loved me and still wanted me to be a part of his kingdom, he said a powerful prayer before he left to go home that night. After he left, I began to find myself thinking about what he said and began to feel lost. I was not sure how to feel that night after he spoke to me. In my possession at the time was a JACK T. CHICK comic tract that my older brother had for years. That night I prayed the sinners prayer at the back page and earnestly prayed to God. What happened next is miraculous. I will share the next time I am here!!
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Re: a worthwhile struggle

Postby naturaldon » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:26 pm

Hey Christianhopeful. Enjoyed reading your faith story. Glad you found your way here and looking forward to hearing more.
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Re: a worthwhile struggle

Postby JimShedd112 » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:04 am

Thank you Christianhopeful for sharing your story, and welcome to CNV.

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Re: a worthwhile struggle

Postby Charley » Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:53 am

Wow...thank you for sharing your story! Very moving and powerful how your friends never gave up on you. I'll look forward to your sharing more of your journey.

Welcome to CNV!

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