Glen Eden Ranch

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Glen Eden Ranch

Postby jjsledge » Tue Jan 07, 2020 10:05 pm

Not my trip report, but . . .

Ted Peck's visit to Eden's Ranch.

Ted Peck- Member Trustee – AANR - SW

Mission: the awareness and acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation in this region.

January 3, 2020—New AANR-SW Landed Club in Texas

The day after Christmas I had the pleasure of visiting the newest club in AANR-SW, Eden Ranch (Christian Naturist Retreat) near Livingston, Texas. It was not easy to find. My GPS got me to a street with a similar name, but 9 miles away in a run-down residential neighborhood. When I got to the right place, I still had doubts. Their sign isn’t up yet as they await the crosses which will be part of the sign. I had a 50-50 chance as there are only two drives on the short gravel road. Jim had told me that I couldn’t get in and out if it rained, so I felt pretty good as I went up a narrow, well-rutted, dirt road. The road took me around the house toward smoke. There was a naked couple clearing and burning brush. I was extremely confident now—what are the odds that the only two properties on this dead-end road would both be inhabited by nudists in this very conservative, rural part of Texas. My other thought was also quite positive—ah, Texas, where you can comfortably be outdoors naked December 26. With my clothes quickly off, LouLou and I introduced ourselves. Kim and Jim Moore continued their brush work and I got busy assembling the two picnic tables I’d brought.

When I first became aware of AANR there were, in Texas, at least 14 landed clubs. We’ve lost several since then. The first was lost when the owner died without a will and his heirs couldn’t agree on how to keep the club open. Two went to the dark side and are now adult only swinger clubs. One left AANR over a spat about legal fees. One was lost because of the owners’ divorce and neither was able to go it alone. One was lost with the death of the owner and the heir was a non-nudist. One had a change of owners and the new owners changed the club to adult only and dropped out of AANR. One became a goat farm when the owner was unable to sell. One went out of business with the death of the owners and the heirs not being successful keeping the club open. And one club is now for sale.

I am, therefore, really excited about what Jim and Kim Moore are doing. In September they took over land and house which had not been maintained for 4 years. The progress in getting the place neat in four months is really remarkable. They presently have one rental, a travel trailer, and a 1 ½ acre lake recently stocked with fish. Gravel for the road, a bathhouse with pool and hot tub, an organized campground for RVs and tents are on the way.

I have had contact with a number of Christian Naturists, but none as evangelical about naturism as Jim and Kim. Jim was an Independent Baptist pastor for 28 years. Unlike some who claim that God is OK with Naturism, Jim and some of his colleagues have done Biblical research which shows that God intends for everybody to be naturist. Information about the retreat, about the Biblical research, and about how people can contribute to the effort, can be found by going to They welcome tax deductible donations, and if you’re near Livingston or you are going to be passing near Livingston, call ahead and they’ll find a way to put you to work.
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Re: Glen Eden Ranch

Postby RMOlson » Sat Jan 11, 2020 6:09 am

Two thumbs up!
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Re: Glen Eden Ranch

Postby nudie66 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:58 pm

Great report! Hopefully some of our Texas residents are close enough to check it out also.
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