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Postby Desert Hiker » Sat Jun 24, 2006 3:24 pm

Greetings one and all.

We have just added more emoticons, which can be accessed directly by clicking on the "View more Emoticons" link located below the group of standard emoticons. A new dialog box will appear with the display of emoticons--Please Note: You must have your "Pop-Up Blocker" set to "allow Pop-Ups for this site" to access this directly. We have quite an extensive library of emoticons, many of them are animated--and many are quite humorous. These emoticons work the same as the standard ones, and can easily be inserted anywhere in a post, reply, or private message by "left" clicking them, or typing in their code names between 2 colons--as with all the other Emoticons.

Q: What are Emoticons, and why would I want to use them?

As we all know, translating our emotions accurately into a written document is a challenge, particularly more so on electronic mediums like this one--type fonts, and underlines only do so much. Like most forums groups we employ emoticons to help us better communicate our emotions to one another. We have the usual 20 "standard" emoticons at ready access to the left of any post reply text box--please note;The Quick Reply feature does not have them displayed, but they can easily be inserted by typing the code name for them between 2 colons--like this; :emoticon: (for example only, there is no emoticon named "emoticon") Otherwise, in any standard Post, Reply, or Private Message simply click on the desired Emoticon and it will appear as the last entry in your post. If you want it to appear earlier in your post, simply cut and paste the code (including the colons) into the desired location--leaving at least one space between the adjacent text, and the code for the emoticon.

We hope you enjoy using our newly expanded library of available Emoticons, as well as the "old standbys".

Be sure to watch for new Emoticons, as we may add even more :fantastic: :jump:
Peace In Christ, Sam

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