Reporting problems

What general questions do you have about this virtual community that the FAQ link didn't answer? What problems are you having in getting started on this site? All Villagers may post here.

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Reporting problems

Postby Webmaster » Wed May 21, 2008 7:56 am

To help make it easier for us to address any problems you're having with CNV, please use the following form. This is for technical problems, such as page load issues, icons not showing up, posts not appearing, errors in posting, etc. It is not for reporting problems with members or concerns about topics/post. For those issues, please use the "Report" feature since it goes to another system for record keeping.

To use this form, please copy it, then past it in your post and fill it in:


Computer operating system (ie: Windows '98, XP, Vista, Apple) :

What Browser do you use? (Internet Explorer, FireFox, other):

What Anti-virus or Spyware do you have on your computer?:

When was the last time you ran the Anti-virus/Spyware programs?

Computer skill level? (choose from the list below and enter the number):

1) Yes, I know what a computer is

2) I can use it for most things, but don't know how to fix minor problems

3) Pretty good for most problems, but I may need directions

4) I can fix any problems in my sleep

What is the problem you are having? (Include any error messages):


Thank you,

I am the webmaster. I maintain the site and take care of upgrades.
If you need to contact me about technical matters please send me email at
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