Great Photo Posting Feature (New as of 2015-08-24)

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Great Photo Posting Feature (New as of 2015-08-24)

Postby Bare_Truth » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:50 pm

Natman suggested I try out the new image posting feature that displays a thumbnail in the message posted and the thumbnail links to the full size image on a separate page when the thumbnail is clicked.
So here goes with one of my wall papers.
This was my target zone for the picture:
So I took the wall paper and tried to place it in the blank line immediately above There are limitations so I deliberately tried to push the limits so I could see where the boundaries are.
-- The first failure was that the picture was not accepted at all This was expected because the picture was one of my "WallPapers" that I had upsized from my old computer with a 1280 x 800 screen to my new 1920 x 1080 screen by increasing the height to the new screen size and then adding black "Icon space" at the left end. At a bit over 400 kb I did not really expect it to work, and it did not! It gave me an error message stating that the file size limit was 256 kb (as it has always been). By downsizing the JPG quality factor from 90 to 50, I got it down to just under 256 kb.

-- The new image posting feature now worked but the "Place inline" feature failed to located it on that line intended. Instead it placed it as an icon at the bottom of the post.

The good news is that high pixel count images can now be posted and the file size limit is apparently the only restriction. Also the reduction in JPG quality factor does not seem to be particularly discernible. I believe this quality factor only affects how many shades of color will be represented in the image (correct me if you have other information) and that does not seem to be an issue for me.

-- It would be nice if the images could be placed "inline" as is implied by that word. It is less disruptive to communication when the picture is an integral part of the message so that it appears in sequence with the related text. But still the ability to convey a high pixel count image so long as the file size is less than 256 kb is a real advantage because pixels are the important point in seeing a sharp image with really good detail. A few tens of thousands of color shades is way more than adequate and millions are not really needed.

-- Since posting pictures that may be of interest to others is essentially an offer to share, (at least for me), I also tested the ability to download to see if I could get the high pixel count version instead of the thumbnail version. If I right-clicked the thumbnail in the post and opted for "save image as" I got a 400 x 225 version, but if I first left-clicked on the thumbnail to get the full screen view of the image and then did the "save image as" routine, I got the full 1920 x 1080 version.

I definitely think this is a great improvement whether or not we get the "place in line" thing working Albeit that would be nice but let us not overburden our hard working Webmaster .

Big improvement Natman, Thanks
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