Terms of Service (TOS)

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Terms of Service (TOS)

Postby SiteAdmin » Sun May 21, 2006 12:40 pm

This is a Christian community. Our mission is to bear witness to the teachings and free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. Here we conduct ourselves as we have been taught by our Lord. The decisions of the ministry staff are final, but appeals may be made to the Site Administrator. The ministry staff reserves the right to amend these TOS at any time.

1. All seekers are welcome. You don't have to be a Christian or a naturist to join. But we do ask you to demonstrate courtesy and respect at all times.

1a. You may NOT post about your naturist interests or activities in the first forum, Please Introduce Yourself. It is reserved for general introductions about you and your life in general. See the announcement about that restriction in that forum, and on the main Index Page.

1b. You may Not post about your naturist interests or activities in the second forum, Tell us about your Faith Journey. See the announcement on the main Index Page.

2. Please don't rant at anything you don't like, understand, or agree with. Please begin by reading, and then by asking questions -- courteously.

3. You are free to express your views and opinions, but please always use "I" statements, without accusations. You may say, IMO, or my pov is, or "as I see it." Please allow all others to also state their opinions.

4. Please remember that this is a worldwide community. People will see things in very different ways. Offer them the courtesy of listening carefully, and trying to understand, or at least be accepting of their pov.

5. Do not argue repetitively. Once you've stated your pov, move on to another level of conversation. Circular discussion is not helpful.

6. Watch your language. You may not post any material that is sexually or personally offensive, knowingly false, inaccurate, and/or defamatory, slanderous, threatening, abusive, invasive of a person's privacy, hateful, or contains harassing or libelous information about any person or entity, or otherwise in any manner that is in violation of any law. Always speak with civility.

7. You may not use this site, or information gleaned from this site, to solicit the attention of others for sexual or personal, perverted purposes which are contrary to our Core Values. Any member who receives such a solicitation is advised to immediately contact the SiteAdmin or staff for appropriate disciplinary action.

8a. Do not post your e-mail address or personal website in a public post or in the signature line. They may be included in your Profile only. (That way, all members can access them from the buttons at the bottom of any of your posts.) Additionally, the Index Page of the website to which you link must clearly show a connection to who you are as a person. E-mail addresses and urls in violation of these rules will be promptly deleted, and you will be advised of such action.

8b. You may not insert urls to businesses which you wish to advertise, whether you own the business or it is a business with which you are affiliated, prior to attaining the level of Resident and prior to recieving approval from tne CNV Site Admin. Also, approved "advertisements" may be deleted in the event that the member becomes inactive in this community.

9. You may not insert urls or links to websites which are not consistent with our Core Values. These will be promptly deleted, and you will be advised of such action.

10. Avatars are for the purpose of putting faces to voices, and/or representing something about who you are. No avatars will be allowed before you have reached the status of Resident (10 posts). If your avatar image is a photograph, no genitals may be seen; if it is a reproduction of a non-photographic artwork, it should not focus on the genitals. (The decision of the moderator staff will always be considered as final. Women's breasts are not considered as genitals.) When you are ready to post an avatar you must petition the SiteAdmin for permission to post the avatar of your choice. You may PM the SiteAdmin, or send an e-mail to webmaster@CNVillage.org with a copy of the avatar you wish to post. If the avatar is approved, you will be granted permission to post it.

11. Personal photo albums are for the purpose of demonstrating your lifestyle, and must conform to the Core Values of CNV. All photos will be reviewed by a staff member before becoming public.

12. No messages or posts will be made to advertise a business or website or any other personal hobby or interest. Residents and higher may talk about their outside interests as part of a natural discussion, but not as a major focus for forum participation.

13. Links. Any Resident or higher may nominate, to the Site Administrator, a website for inclusion in our links. Residents or higher may insert web links to specific articles on other websites, their own or others they know of, if it pertains to the topic being discussed and is consistent with our Core Values. No new topic may be created merely to call attention to any off site link.

14. These TOS may be amended in any form at any time without notification of the membership.

Method of oversight and supervision:

Any member is free to bring offenses against the community to the attention of any ministry staff member at any time.

Offenses against this community will be dealt with according to Jesus' teachings in Matthew 18:15-17.
A. A ministry staff member will contact you privately to discuss the infraction. A brief note may be posted in the offending thread, as a notice to others that this discussion is taking place.
B. If not successful, a second ministry staff member will issue a "second warning" concerning your behavior. A brief notice will be posted in the offending thread, for the benefit of others reading the thread.
C. If this warning is not successful, you will be banned from the site. A brief notice will be published in the appropriate thread, so others know that action has been taken to keep the website consistent with the TOS.

Egregious offenses:
A. Extremely vile remarks will be removed to a Restricted Area for moderator review, and the steps mentioned above will be followed.
B. Extremely offensive avatars will be deleted immediately, and the steps above will be followed.
C. Links not consistent with our Core Values will be deleted immediately, and the steps above will be followed.

Unforseen matters will be cared for swiftly by the ministry staff in ways that seem appropriate to them at the time.

(TOS 8 and 9 amended 1-14-07. SA)

(TOS 10 amended 1-27-07. SA)
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