The bill is called: JUSTICE EXISTS FOR US

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The bill is called: JUSTICE EXISTS FOR US

Postby nude together » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:08 pm

I put this under "ethics" because I think it is a ethical subject; the right to "stand your ground" and defend yourself ...

Rep. Jackson Lee introduces bill to cut funds to stand-your-ground states

The bill is called: JUSTICE EXISTS FOR US (No, I'm not kidding!!)

Her Brilliance, Sheila Jackson Lee wants a "DUTY TO RETREAT" or for states who won't enact it to suffer a cut Federal funds to states that stick with Stand Your Ground Laws.

Well, that's odd, because she has never said a WORD about a new law to change the Rules of Engagement that her (p)resident employs that get our warriors gravely wounded and killed in Afghanistan, never said she wanted to change the COIN strategy that is next to insanity.

Has she EVER cared this much about our warriors, black or any other color?

Has she ever said she'd like to cut funding to the murder capitols of the United States because they're too violent? No. She wants the law-abiding citizen to have ZERO rights to PROTECT their own bodies.

See -
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Re: The bill is called: JUSTICE EXISTS FOR US

Postby Petros » Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:34 pm

The main story is business as usual. Dog bites man is not news.

I fear I have had enough years in this and other countries that I really hardly roll my eyes at this stuff.

What does make me groan - I despised Mr, Zip. I did not think much of The titling of the Patriot Act. Justice Exists for Us? Give me a break. Can't we leave Reddy Kilowatt and Ronald McDonald to the busindess sector and return to the Harker - Prescott Bill [An act to regulate silk imports] and that kind of legislation nomenclature?

People are going to do bad things. Other m ay do good things. Some will do stupid things. If we are lucky, some will do smart things. That goes without saying

But can we at least be digfnified and adult? I am tired of celebritiers and cstchphrases.
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