A Naturist Pastor's Ordination

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A Naturist Pastor's Ordination

Postby natman » Fri May 16, 2008 2:01 pm

One of our newest members, Gwynfe, is also a member of the very active Christian Naturist Fellowship ( www.christiannaturist.org.uk ) which meets in various location around London. He has given us permission to reprint an artical about the ordination of their pastor from Winter 2007 edition British Naturism Magazine, ( www.british-naturism.org.uk ).

Thank you Gordon.

National Christian Naturist Fellowship

HAVE YOU ever seen over a hundred naturists crowded into a marquee for a worship service? It happened this August at Orpington.

Trevor Humber and his wife Elizabeth have been regular members of The Naturist Foundation at Orpington since 1989. It has long been obvious that they not only love naturism, but are also deeply committed to the Lord. In 1993 they took on the roles of lay chaplains, holding monthly services in the Campers' Cabin, and thus the Cabin Fellowship came into being.

The ministry has grown over the years, and Trevor has been asked to conduct funerals, wedding blessings and renewals of wedding vows, in addition to praying for the sick and having chats about spiritual issues.

At length it seemed the right time to recognise this ministry by a service of ordination or commissioning. It also seemed appropriate that this should take place within the context of the annual Christian Naturist Fellowship weekend, held over the first weekend in August each year. In a somewhat indifferent summer, this weekend was blessed by gloriously warm and sunny weather. A minister who is not a naturist, but who appreciates what Trevor is doing, came to conduct the ordination itself. About 35 members of CNF were present, and, in addition, over 80 members of the Foundation - far more than had been envisaged - came crowding in. It was a very joyful event and an encouragement for Trevor and Elizabeth in the ministry to which God had called them.

This was one of five events which took place during the summer. The others were one-day meetings, held on four separate Saturdays. These were visits to Woodlands, the South-West Outdoor Club, Telford and the Cambridge Outdoor Club.

How wonderful to be worshipping the Lord in such beautiful surroundings, with people from denominations ranging from Catholic to Charismatic, male and female, naked and unashamed.

So, for the first time, there was opportunity for people in most regions to go to a gathering! For a body that is so widely scattered, times of meeting together with one another are important and refreshing.


Nathan Powers

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Postby jimmy » Fri May 16, 2008 7:28 pm

Congratulation to Gwynfe!! I hope that many more will be called and accept the call to the ministry.

Congratulations again Gwynfe

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Postby jochanaan » Fri May 16, 2008 9:41 pm

Actually, Jimmy, it wasn't our gwynfe that got ordained, but another British naturist Christian. :) But thanks, Gordon, for letting us read this. :D
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Postby Desert Hiker » Sat May 17, 2008 12:59 am

Seeds are being planted, a gathering becomes a movement, a movement becomes a revival :D
Peace In Christ, Sam

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