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Re: hiking free and breezy

Postby DaveT » Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:42 pm

God placed more healing power in the plants than people generally recognize, when used properly they can cure many tough ailments that we suffer from. All my recent ailments just faded away, don't know whether from treatment or immune system function, probably both working together. Frequently the medical drugs have many side effects, they try to kill a bug or disease with something that also depresses the immune system. And while the substance may kill the bug the resulting immune system depression is counterproductive and can allow some other problem to arise, or damage essential organs of the body. These natural treatments do both, some are to boost the immune system and others to kill the bugs, but the natural bug killers usually do not suppress the immune system. I know plantain (the yard weed) as the most powerful drawing substance known to man. Stronger than charcoal even. It's like a magnet, will pull to it poisons and toxins of all kinds. Nothing better for pulling out infections, insect stings, spider bites, even snake bite, but I'd do a vacuum draw on snake bite first. However my neighbor insists that an electric shock will neutralize bee stings and snake bites. And plantain is also a pain killer, have used it a good bit for that. A good one that's healing, infection fighting, and not the slightest addictive. A good strong tea of plantain root and/or leaves will knock out tooth pain for awhile.
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